Personal Narrative: An Interview With Joline

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While first talking to Joline, you first realize her amazing personality and kindness. Her green eyes and dark brown hair that is ever so soft sculpt her face perfectly. She is very generous and cares about others more than herself. This amount of care that she has could not be achieved without her many years of school that she attended. I have always been interested in my aunt, Joline, and how she is so kind and that is why I chose to interview her. Since I am so close with my aunt, it was very easy to talk to her and get more knowledge about college and how it changes people. She didn’t even think about college until she was 20 and out of high school. She began college when she was 21 because she had no clue what she wanted to go for. Instead of wasting time and money on a college diploma she didn 't want she decided to take some time working at Chuck Wagon (for only one day) and many other jobs while thinking about the career she would like to pursue. “I decided by simply taking some time off from school and thinking about the things that I enjoyed doing. Helping people made me feel better about myself so I knew that I wanted to go to nursing school, I just didn’t know where or when.” She states. She…show more content…
She ended up taking a job at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine. She was a registered nurse now and she was working at a hospital, how exciting? After a couple of months working as a nurse, she decided that she may want to further her education. She waited six years before going back to school to become a nurse practitioner. This time, she decided to do online schooling and she worked very hard, staying up late and studying. She graduated in 2012 and immediately more job offerings opened up. “I am very happy now and I am very glad that I stuck with school, otherwise I would not be where I am today.” She
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