Personal Narrative: An Interview With Mekion Grant

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It goes to show you that when you first meet somebody, you have no idea what they 've been through, their experiences, or their story. I realized this after interviewing Mekion Grant, and did it make me think. He sat down and I presumed he was just the average senior, I stated if it was okay if I recorded this conversation, which he gave his consent. Little did I know, that I accidentally didn 't hit record, having close to none of his exact words on tape. Not that it mattered, because his story is something I 'll probably remember forever. I asked him if anything interesting or memorable has happened during his time in High school and he simply started by saying how he was suspended for 60 days for being caught doing something he, in fact, did not do, and then came back to school when the teacher found the actual person who did it. This baffled me, I, all at once realized what kind student had sat beside me, the really interesting student. As a follow-up, I just had to ask what he was accused of doing, and he replied, " It 's probably not school appropriate." My mind wondered automatically to what he could 've been accused of, but I decided not to press on the…show more content…
In traditional fashion, I carried on with the questions, asking him what activities/sports he has been apart of. He assured that he has been in sports, Football, Basketball, Track, and outside of school he 's been boxing. Afterwards, I questioned if he had adapted habits due to High school, and Mekion advised just to listen to the teachers and do the work. I then asked if he planned goals after High school/College and if High School has helped at all to push him closer to these goals, to this, he declared he wants to become a professional boxer, and go to a College in Florida. As another follow-up I asked if he had been in any interesting sports events and he exclaimed how he went to state

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