Personal Narrative: An Interview With My Co-Worker

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Getting to know someone who is much older than you can be very rewarding. They give you plenty of life advice and tell you their own life experiences. Our elders are always full of wisdom which is why we should take the time out to get to know our elders around us. I interviewed my co-worker named Shawn she just recently retired but I still make sure to maintain contact with my former co-worker. While interviewing Shawn I got to know a little more about her life and the struggles that she has gone through. Before I got into any of my questions that I wanted to ask for the interview I just wanted her to tell me a little bit about her life. She started off by telling me about when she first got pregnant with her first child at the young age of 16. She was pregnant with her daughter Ashley so because of this she wasn’t able to continue school. She said that during this time, her daughters father and her were experimenting with drugs. When…show more content…
She isn’t in any sort of living arrangements but she lives in her own home with her husband. While interviewing Shawn I felt that even though she is getting older, she is very happy with her life accomplishments. I strive to have that same sense of accomplishment when I’m older and hope to one day have a family as big as hers. She has done many “stupid” things when she was younger but surprisingly did not let those failures hold her back. Actually getting to know somebody who has lived to be 70 makes me wonder where I will be at that age. With every year and decade that pass significant milestones will happen. Even though I am still really young, I still fear of getting older and am a little scared to see what choices I make in the future. Will I accomplish all the things I want to in life? Will I have a family and get married? What I learned was that even as you get older your life struggles do not end. You have to

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