Personal Narrative: An Interview With Professor Korey

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While I had never been to the New Student Programs building, thanks to the campus map, I was able to find it rather easily. Professor Korey, after I had waited a few minutes in the waiting room, as he is assuredly a busy man as he is an associate professor of the Biology Department and a director of the First Year Experience, greeted me back to his office. The office itself had enough room to fit in a decent sized desk for him to do his work and a table for meetings comfortably, but was a little cluttered with papers, books, a few soccer bags, presumably for his children, and his laptop which he had been working on before our interview. After speaking with him for a few minutes, it was obvious that he is passionate about his work in the nervous system of fruit flies and crustaceans as he has an incredible interest in the inner workings of those systems and has since his days as an undergraduate. To further his work he himself, with the help of graduates and a couple of undergraduates, work extensively researching different parts of the nervous system. So, even though he has taught several different classes such as gender studies, genetics, introduction to molecular biology and neuroscience his research has always remained his passion. He even wanted to be a doctor at one point, but decided against it as he did not enjoy it; however, he did enjoy being a part of a lab environment researching about the…show more content…
I chose to interview him because his research was the only research that I found relevant to what I may want to pursue in the future. These interests are likely to change; Professor Korey did not know exactly what he wanted to do, but being in a biochemistry lab as an undergraduate helped him realize what he wished to pursue. Finding what is right may not be easy, but when you get there everything will eventually manage
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