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was invincible. I wanted to leave a legacy. I tried to accomplish the extra-ordinary but sloppily weighed the pros and cons of my decisions. I focused my energy on superficial goals -- becoming team captain of my school’s baseball team, playing a vital role in winning the playoffs, winning a school-wide election, creating a much talked about stage set and acting in our school play, and winning an award in a mock trial competition. I took my loved ones for granted and felt that we all were immortal. I often hung out with my cousins. We would laugh over the stunts we had pulled. My 21 year old cousin, Adam ,for instance, had made a YouTube video of himself, dressed up as a squirrel, scurrying on all-fours around his Berkeley campus and stealing an apple from an unsuspecting student. I had led the first and last “student tour” at the Autry Center. Six adults, mistakenly thinking I was a docent, followed me around the history museum, listened intently, and asked me questions. I had always been close with my cousins, and I envisioned us getting even closer as we aged. Last year, my…show more content…
Life was too precious. Family and friends became my vital support networks. Since that summer I have spent nearly every day with my ninety-three year old grandma ; playing cards, giving each other a hard time, we even traveled to the east coast. Carting her around New York City and Boston in the pouring rain brought me joy I had not experienced in a while. I was content,with the life I was living. I realized that comparing me to others was futile and undermined my worth. I altered my beliefs about what validated me as a student and as a person. Each day became centered on learning, in and out of the classroom, and reaching out to people. I developed a connection to people in a way I had never experienced. From that point forward, I would embrace all my imperfections as well as my

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