Personal Narrative: Angie Jimenez's 'Bowl Of Sunshine'

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Bowl of Sunshine
Is there a person in your life that would go beyond out of their way just to show their love and support for you? Even though most people do not have someone that they can say has truly been there throughout everything in their life, I do. My hero is my best friend, Angie Jimenez, and she has many amazing qualities in her, but the ones that truly inspire me are how she strives for something she has her mind set on and how she manages stay positive throughout any difficult situation.

For instance, Angie is one of the most dedicated people that I know in my life. She takes many extra-curricular activities in school and is able to maintain high grades in her advanced classes. The activities that she attends are band, Spanish,
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There was a time that I used to live in California and I was away from all of my family. Although it was a beautiful place there and the people were welcoming, I felt lonely there. Angie has always been the person I can talk to about anything and at that time I would call her and say how I hated being away from my family and friends. We were on the phone for quite some time and she just would tell me that things will get better and that I will see everyone soon. She told me to enjoy the time that I was spending there in California because not many people get to have an opportunity to go there. Angie has always found a way to help me find positivity in a complicated time. Throughout anything she has always been there for me.

Overall, my hero is the most dedicated and wise person that I know. Throughout any destruction in her life there is always success through her doing what is needed. My hero is strong by coming out of any problem with a smile of true happiness on her face. Spending a life with rejection and self-comfort, she seems to be the only person that is loving towards all whether they’ve done good or bad throughout their life. My hero will be there by my side in life no matter what life hits us
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