Personal Narrative-Animal Farm

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As raising a ranch with cows, chickens, pigs ects animals it is a hassel. Having my husband telling me to always get up early to have him food ready by when he awakes. Having to clean the ranch and feeding the animals. I cant sleep in if I do my husband turns into an ogar and I know whats coming for me a beating. I do as he pleases I wake up every morning at 5 am before the sun comes up but I dont due my choars. I leave the house and walk to my neighbors house. As she leaves to do some shopping I watch her kids the ones I wasnt able to give my husband I question my self and maybe that is why he treats me the way he does. When she comes back I walk to every other house to see what I can help them with I expect nothing in return, as long as…show more content…
I manage to get away and walk towards the mountain. I take my presious sheep. My only friend to my understanding. I get to the top of the mountain I see the sun rising I feel at peace and see my small little village. I feel happy, I am shook when i see no houses or any sign of human living here. I walk a little bit more and find myself seeing a little small home. I go inside and find little people, loving to my seeing they seem very nice. I get offered a drink. I reget it but was feeling very thursty, I later ask for a cup of water. I start feeling drawzy sleepy hopless. I fall in a blink of an eye im down. My sheep is gone i see her running back…show more content…
The little home I thought i was staying in had desapiered, it was gone. I walk down my village and see everyhtig has changed it dosent look so little anymore. I cross apond a civelian ans ask the year and he says mam ' youre very silly were in 1952. I feel confussed and unwelcomd. It has been 20 years since I had been gone or asleep. No one seems to recognize me I dont recognize anyone I feel lost. I came across someone and asked them if they knew who I was all i got was " Shes dead she went missing for 20 years everyone looked for her but no signs of her , her sheep came back but she was never found." " Her husband went crazy looking for her and saying he was sorry for how he was towards her, one day he couldnt take it anymore and killed himelf" " Some say it was her who killed him with her spiret some say the guilt of him having an afair ws what led him to his

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