Personal Narrative-Anne Was Here

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Anne was Here "Kate you gotta hold on!" Anne yelled as the car flipped over. "ANNE!" Kate screamed when she saw what had happened to her best friend. Her head was stuck in the window, but it wasn 't connected to her body. Kate sat there crying for about twenty minutes wondering how that happened. Finally, after she stopped shaking, kate called 911. As she was hopping into the ambulance, she thought she saw the body bag twitch but she just kept going. The ambulance took her to the hospital and it turns out, she was so frantic and had so much adrenaline that she didn 't even notice her broken leg and broken nose. While sitting on the hospital bed, she thought about her life and whether she should end it or not. "Don 't do it, Kate." A voice that sounded strangely like Anne said. Kate snapped her head towards the doorway and screamed when she saw her best friend. Her head was there, but there was a trail of blood going around her neck that proved that her head was off at one point not less than two hours ago. She was pale, and fidgety, and just looked dead. The doctor and her parents came rushing in to check on her. "What 's wrong?" her mother…show more content…
"I saw her, she was right there." Kate said pointing to where her father currently stood. But she was gone leaving Kate to wonder if it was all her imagination. "Honey..." Her mom began but Kate cut her off. "NO! She was just there I saw her." Kate began to cry. Black dots started clouding her vision and before you know it, she was passed out. "Kate." A voice whispered. Kate slowly opened her eyes and saw her best friend 's gruesome face and did what she 's been doing a lot lately, she
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