Personal Narrative: Anthony Mason

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“Anthony come down here.” my mom called from downstairs. “I’ll be right there hold on mom.”... Hey, I´m gonna tell you about myself. My names Anthony Mason, I’m 14 I have brown hair and brown/hazel eyes and I enjoy playing soccer and football and baseball (until i got injured) I live in los angeles california. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters.Were a pretty big family.

I share a room with my brother jake, we don 't get along most times, but when we do everyone 's surprised,and trust me i don 't enjoy sharing a room with him . Jake comes clopping in the room with his size 10 feet, ¨How are you feeling buddy?¨I 'm feeling okay.

¨ Alright he says, ¨I¨m gonna take a shower and get ready Im going to a football game, After I¨m done eat some soup and drink your pills, remember those pills make you
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I can 't feel anything, i can hear the couch and my mom and dad running over to me and some of the players. I can hear them talking about me, ¨Is he okay my?¨ my mom and dad scream, ¨He will be fine his heart 's still beating.¨ says coach Williams.

I can hear the ambulance in the distance. I slowly start to wake up.. ¨whats going on i say?¨

¨You and the player from the other team had a little accident.¨
I can barely feel anything but i sure can 't feel my left leg at all.
Is it broken i think to myself? The ambulance has finally arrived, They but me up in the gury and they put me in the back of the ambulance and then they drove off. About 10 mins later we finally arrive to the hospital they open the doors and take me out . They immeditaly rushed me inside. ¨he needs a surgery right away.¨ The doctor says.

As he rolled over he raised his head up and said ¨where am.. i? He realized he was in his room not on the football field or at the hospital. He was extremely frightened, he didn 't know what to do, he didn 't feel the same anymore. Anthony felt so different and not the same. This is a dream, I think to myself.
Only three more months till i get to be back on
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