Personal Narrative: Anthony Tes

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Getting to know a person is like reading a book. Each page tells bit by bit on who they are and what they become. As the chapters roll by, deciding whether or not to keep reading becomes difficult especially when so much time has been wasted on getting to know them. Anthony Tes was the longest book I have ever read. I met him five years ago and if I had known that by simply accepting his friend request on Facebook would lead to a toxic, abusive, 18 month relationship then I would have never gotten involved. Like the hardcover of a book, Anthony is built with strong binding, but with delicate, fragile pages for his personality. The first few chapters dating back to 2010, I knew him as a heartless player who could get any girl he set his eyes on. Girls would throw themselves at him, craving for his attention. I was disgusted to say the least. But of course like any other girl, I fell for his charm. I would like to think I was different by the way he treated me with great respect, well, at first. Looks are deceiving, especially the cover of a book. The beginning of our relationship felt like I was floating on clouds. Anthony did the little things that swept me off my feet like surprising me at 12 a.m. on my birthday, slow dancing with me under a faded street light, and staying up until…show more content…
A touch of his tepid temperature body could instantly warm me up. It is funny that from the beginning I could not keep myself away from either hugging or kissing him. Every minute spent together we were somehow connected. Each moment together dragged on like the hours of a school day. With each passing month, I found myself distancing from him. I did not care if I didn’t see him often, I wanted more time to myself. I stopped trying to fix our arguments and always chose myself over him. Deep down I knew we were not going to last very much longer, I just held on for the least bit of hope that we could make
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