Personal Narrative: Approaching Prairie View A & M University

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Approaching Prairie View A&M University was very exciting for me because my high school mentor, Ms. Hill-Jones, graduated from PVAMU and shared amazing stories with me about the students and staff. Hearing such great stories about the school my expectations were high, so once I arrived to the school and got situated I expected to be greeted by the staff but what I received was a nice to meet you and goodbye. My disappointment level started to rise then after that I began to walk to the café or msc as they call it ; when I entered I was greeted by this kind old woman, “How you doing young man?” she said really sluggish. I replied with a simple fine then happen to tell the lady my entire situation then she respond enthusiastically, “Honey, You’ve been here for less than a day give it time baby.” After hearing her words of encouragement I started to see things different and stopped my rush thinking and gave it a few months and…show more content…
On a Sunny Saturday morning I get a call from my best-friend telling me it’s a party tonight and that we should go. My first reaction was to say I’ve never been to a college party and I don’t know what to expect, but I decided that it was a first time for everything and to just go have fun but little did I know what I was getting myself into. Walking into the party I found myself bombarded by people and no best friend. So, I find the closest chair by the bar and sit down. Next thing I know my best friends appears from the crowd and says, “I’m Sick.” First thing I do is put her in the car and leave. She says she was just playing and was just ready to go and didn’t know if I was ready so she just made up the “I’m Sick Story.” I told her I didn’t mind but I really did and was really disappointed but I just remembered that I was in college and its parties all the
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