Personal Narrative: Attending Middle School

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The four long year I had a lot of ups and down during this years. There were always amazing teachers. That were very helpful. There was so much to do in the middle school. Couple of my most memorable and amazing time at the middle school are when I made my best friends, made the softball team and want to gateway.
On the first day of eighth grade my friends and I got in a big fight. So I had no friends to start my eighth grade year. Then the same thing happened to Someone. So we started to sit together. After a couple of weeks we were get close. She wasn't there one day a I sat with another table. Then the next day we both decided to sit with with another. After that we all became really good friends and I don't know what I would do without them.
In middle school they have teams for the school. I love playing
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They alway had small dances. The Gateway Clipper dance is a fancier dance then the one at the school. It was one of my favorite things that I did at Yough Middle school. I want with a big group of friends (Alyssa, Stephanie, Emma, and Brandon).We all asked each other in a cute way. The way I got asked to go from Alyssa was that she got a baseball (I play softball) and wrote I know I might strike out but will you be my catch to gateway? (There was more but that one was my favorite). Which I thought was super cute. Before we went to the school we all met up at Crabapple at take pictures. After we were done we had to go to the school so we could go. The food was amazing. There was so many thing to see down in Pittsburgh. Then tors the end we all dance, but then it was time to leave. I was one of my memorable things that my friends and I did as a group.
This four long years I will always remember these handful of my middle school memories. I hope to make more memories at the high school. I hope that I can still see my teachers. They are amazing. This is guess one step closer to go to
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