Personal Narrative: Attention Deficit Disorder

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The 3rd grade to the 7th grade was one of the most dreadful times of my life. It all started when my 3rd grade teacher took me to a room where my parents were sitting in. She started talking to them about how I was always looking distracted or confused during test’s and assignments. She suggested that we go see a doctor about me having ADD or ADHD but at the time I had no idea what ADD was or if it would affect my life in the slightest. When we arrived at the doctors he started asking me many question about my day to day life. When he finally stooped asking so many questions he diagnosed me with having ADD. He told me that the abbreviation stood for Attention Deficit Disorder, then he explained to me that having this disorder meant that I wouldn’t be able to focus as efficiently as anyone who doesn’t have this disorder. After he was done explaining to me about ADD my creative 3rd grade mind began to think about this new found challenge in my life. I began thinking that no matter how hard I tried or how hard I worked that anybody who didn’t have ADD could get any job they applied for while I would be overlooked just because of my disorder. This made me think why even…show more content…
I started to see the world as a dark place that didn’t need me. I began losing myself in a deep depression that every year I would sink deeper and deeper into. Then one day in 7th grade I was listening to my teacher read us a book titled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, That’s when she said the simplest and most inspiring thing that I had ever heard she said ““no one can make you mad unless you let them. It’s your choice. You choose to be mad.”” (Sean Covey). This is when I realized that I had been blaming my sadness, depression, and anger on my ADD. I realized that I could choose how I felt and from that point on I decided that I would be

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