Personal Narrative: Away From The Basketball Team

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Everything is Earned My eyes intensively scanned the computer screen, looking for my name on the roster. I checked, then doubled checked, then triple checked… it wasn’t there. A wave of sadness and frustration overtook me, and I began to cry. I was cut from the team. There was no season for me, just another disappointment. After I had heard the news, my mom had to calm me down for 20 minutes, that’s how much this meant to me. This was my first year ever being cut from the basketball team, and I had no idea what the feeling was like. I didn’t like it. I felt as if the rest of my life was over and there was nothing left for me to do. What was I to do? I truly had no idea. I had made the “B” team, but that wasn’t the same. Kids on the “A” team would come in and brag about how they won by however many points they had and I would just sit there in wonder, What if I practiced harder? What if I hadn’t skipped that workout session? What if I hadn’t taken it easy in that last drill at tryouts? I was absolutely miserable for the next couple weeks, and only tortured myself with the thoughts of what if’s and possibilities.…show more content…
Hearing that almost killed me inside, but at the same time it lit a fire in me. That night I swore to myself I would never get cut
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