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I awakened in a cold sweat, breathing hard while clutching the blankets with white knuckles. I quickly glanced from left to right, my heart only beginning to slack after I realized I was awake. Carefully stepping out of bed, still reeling from the frightening movie my brain played while I slept, I looked toward the door and froze. Something seemed off about the room, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.Pulling a blanket around my body, I attempted to block out the cold air and end my shivering.The sun barely peeked through the closed blinds of my window. It was still early dawn.
There was, of course, no way that I was going back to bed after such a terrifying event, so I made my way down the hall and into to the kitchen. The house was still
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Once he had shown me everywhere important for a Senior in high school he helped me find my locker. The bell rang as I finally forced the metal door open. It rattled in protest of having to be used. Arrow put a hand gently on my arm.
“Anna, if you have any trouble let me know ok? You have a friend in me. I was new a few years ago. It’s scary, I know.”
I gave him a shy smile and thanked him for his kindness. He gave me a nod and left for his first hour. I headed to opposite direction toward english. Waiting until the students had their usual seats, I sat down near the back, alone with my notebook and my thoughts.
Arrow found me after the seventh period and led me outside to the playground. All day I had felt as if I was being watched, but nobody was looking at me. Why would they? I’m the new girl with no friends, well, besides Arrow that is. Nobody was following me around, but still I couldn’t shake the feeling that Arrow wasn’t the only person around me. I sat on a swing and rocked back and forth. A few girls would look over every once in awhile and whisper to their friends, but other than that I got no attention. I didn’t really mind it. I liked being a nobody on the first day better than being everybody’s new
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Did you see that?”
Arrows excitement forced me out of my thoughts. I looked over at him to notice that he was pale as a ghost. His eyes were enormous enough to pop out of his head. I followed his eyes to an empty corner of the parking lot. I looked back at him as he tried to regain himself.
“I guess it was just a trick of the light, I swear there was a person there.”
The hairs on the back of my neck shot straight up as I looked around, expecting to find somebody hiding behind a slide or something. Nobody was anywhere close to us. I felt chills run down my spine as the nightmare from last night was sent to the forefront of my mind.
Arrow forced himself to make small talk until we were both distracted. Eventually, the two of us actually ended up having fun. Before I knew it the stars were starting to spot the sky with soft light. I watched the stars flicker with my usual amazement. Arrow joined me, observing the beautiful dots of light beating like a heart. Arrow was so close I could smell his cologne. My mind felt more at peace then it had all day until each and every star that lit up the night sky went
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