Personal Narrative: Backward Search

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On Aug 5,2015 at 11:05am Sgt Alivcar and myself we 're conducting ramp searches when we pulled over a white Cadilac STS. Sgt Alicvar would ask the driver to step out of the vehicle and open up all of the doors/ compartments. I would then procced to search the car starting on the driver side and working my way around te vehicle to the trunk. As I began to search the trunk and lift up mat to the tire. I spotted a bag with numerous items in it and what appeared to be bath salts. At this time Sgt Alcivar was having a conversation with the man and I showed him the contense of the bag. Following this action we detained the subject and called up the MP 's to the gate. With the arrival of the MP 's they took the subject into custody and the bag
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