Personal Narrative: Ball Is Life

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Usually in the summertime or whenever it stays warm and not too dark, I head over to the parks and watch some playground basketball games. I see all types of ballers, young, old, half court and full court players and oh yeah, I see basketball trainers working out players that are trying to improve their game for the upcoming season. This past summer it was kinda dead and it wasn't even that hot. I have heard the phrase " Ball is Life" but that isn't the case. Ball is definitely not life especially this past summer. Some of the parks I went to didn't have too many basketball players in them balling from sun up to sun down like how we used to do it. There are too many distractions for the youth, with social media and high tech, why go outside and play basketball or improve on your game??…show more content…
They might have have been 10 players there, one decent half court game and the rest were just shooting around. I was chilling on the benches, watching the half court game and one kid was shooting by himself at the next hoop. Then two women came into the park. One lady was the kid's mother and the other looked familiar but I couldn't really see her face because it was starting to get dark earlier (The whole daylights savings time). She looked like a former basketball player by her stance. Well the familiar looking woman started talking to the kid so I was guessing that was his basketball
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