Personal Narrative: Bambam

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How many of you have pets? Now, how many of you have dogs? I have had numerous pet, everything from cats and dogs to guinea pig and parrots. Of the countless dogs I have had one stands out the most. My favorite Chiweenie named Bambam, but I call her Bammy. A Chiweenie is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. Bammy is small in stature, has the long body and build of a Dachshund, and Chihuahua like ears. Her fur is sort, glossy, and silky with a color of black with a tan underside and a patch of white fur on her chest. Bammy helps with my daily emotions buy being easy going and happy, always making me laugh. One time I had a eerie, hair-raising nightmare. I woke up to find Bammy licking my face trying to wake me up. The sun was up, so

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