Personal Narrative: Baseball Field Behind An Old Middle School

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The huge game was coming in just 4 days as I stand on the pitching mound of an old deserted baseball field behind an old middle school. As I stand up there getting ready to throw a pitch I drained the sweat out of my shirt and went into my pitching position. As I crushed the ball with my small fingers I let go of the crinkled ball. It was a ball. I knew I wasn 't ready for the world series. As days went by it was time for the big game. I was never this terrified in my life. The score was going back and forth. First it was 1-0 then 1-1 and so on. But when it came to the bottom of the 8th. We got the lead due to a hit to center field. We were up 6-5. Then the inning ended. It was the top of
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