Personal Narrative: Baseball, The American Pastime

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My favorite sport is baseball, the American pastime. Unfortunately baseball is losing its fan base to other more action driven sports, however it has always been my favorite. The fact that you can trace baseball back so many years is cool to me. It's like I'm watching a bit of history when I go to a game. Nothing beats going to a baseball game and seeing all the raging fans cheer for their team.

The Red Sox are my favorite team. Going to a game at the historic Fenway Park against the Yankees and watching the rivalry between the two teams is so fun to watch. Fenway Park is the only stadium that still uses the manual scoreboard, and is also one of the oldest stadiums. When you're sitting in the stadiums and you see the “green monster” wall and all the fans in their red shirts and memorabilia it is so cool, because you are seeing the Red Sox traditional game at their home field. You can't forget to walk the stands and grab some food while you're there, and you should always bring your glove with you just in case.
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There are usually no surprises in the game and penalties aren't usually called out. It is predictable enough that anyone can follow along without knowing all the rules. However if you do know the rules and the terms well, the game can be really interesting to watch. For instance, if a pitcher regularly threw a curve ball and then mixed it up with a fastball and threw an amazing pitch it gains your attention.

There are so many things to like about baseball that even though it's dying out compared to the other sports, it will still be my favorite. Since I was little I have always loved baseball whether it be playing it or watching it. I love knowing the history of where it came from, how it got where it is today, and the tradition of it all. America's favorite pastime, is my favorite
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