Personal Narrative: Basketball Among Young Girls

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As a young child, I was the picture perfect child, a teacher’s pet. I always got the straight A’s and had a respectful attitude. I wore dresses to church every Sunday and was never interested in sports unless it was soccer. However, that was only because my father was a big soccer fan, and he wanted me to play. I stopped after three years and that was all. I didn’t really fit in with the other girls at my new school. I thought after a while that games like House and Kitchen were stupid. The only thing I liked were the gymnastics bars, but after a couple of times of hitting my head on the ground, I quit. I couldn’t find something that I liked. That entirely changed when I met a sport that challenged me: basketball.

Basketball was different than anything else. However, a huge obstacle stood in my way: boys. As a seven-year-old girl, it was hard to get the boys to let me play with them. However, with some persuasion, the boys allowed me to play. At first, I struggled to keep with the boys. However, I was
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Our team had two wins and two losses. It was our last game before Christmas break. It seemed like any other game. We were nervous but determined to…show more content…
I 'm put up for a jump ball and win. We started well. We shot the ball and it went in. We were able to out rebounded them to. However after, one transition, that all changed. I wasn 't paying attention, and a girl hit me in the face with the back of her head. I flew down crying. I felt liquid down my throat. Once I got back up and went to my bench, the ref called a foul, but on me. My coach checked me out and realized, I had a busted lip. The left part of my lip was swollen and split in half really badly.I was so drowsy. My head pulsed inside of my skull. My MT cleaned me up and helped me get back to my seat. One minute later, my coach put me back in the game. However, I wasn 't sure if I could
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