Personal Narrative: Basketball Vs. Today's Basketball

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Michael Jordan stole the ball from Karl Malone. Nineteen seconds left in the fourth quarter. Jordan with the ball. Seventeen seconds left. Jordan drives. Fifteen seconds left. Cross-over. Twelve seconds left. Shoots. BANG! Chicago Bulls with the lead with only nine seconds left. This iconic and legendary shot made by Michael Jordan won the game and gave Chicago Bulls their sixth championship. Looking back at all the great moments in the nineties made me wish I grew up in that era of basketball. I constantly engage in debates with my friends about if today’s NBA is truly better than nineties NBA. The NBA was superior and more engaging in the nineties in comparison to today’s NBA as the league back then had better players, less fouls, and more…show more content…
Charles Barkley, a hall of fame basketball player and a sport analyst, said “[w]ell, the NBA is water down. The NBA is the worst I’ve ever seen it” (Mutoni). When Stephen Curry became the first unanimous MVP,which means everyone voted for him, in NBA history, it proves Charles Barkley point of how the NBA is “water down.” It shows that the NBA doesn’t have that many great players. Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest player of all time, won the MVP when his team achieve an astounding record of 72 wins and 10 losses. Even he didn’t win unanimous due to the fact that he was surrounded by great players that were worthy of winning the MVP. Furthermore, many players are being drafted at very young age in modern NBA. Players are being drafted at the age of 19 - 20 years old and have very little experience at the college level of basketball. When they join the NBA, they are not prepared to play at the high level. Sure, these players can improve in a couple of years but when you draft someone, you want them be good now, not in the next four years. This is disappointing to see because it is not fair to the fans to see their team struggle. Back then, many players came to the league at the age of 22-24 and had a greater impact to the game at the start to end of their

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