Personal Narrative: Battle Of Bull Run

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Battle of Bull Run
My eyes shutter my eyelids feel heavy. I can barely keep them open. I take two deep breathes and I attempt to sit up. Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain in my upper leg. I look down my leg is gushing blood it looks a bullet is in my leg. Givining in to the pain I lay back on the ground looking left and right to see any sign of life. All of the sudden I feel a wave of sorrow hit me, as the tragedy hits me that friends are gone. I look and see one other soldiers that seems to be alive. He doesn't seem to be injured so I shout “John! John wake up! Come here and help me up we will get help! John comes over with a stick to support my leg to walk when we get help. We walk to the near town of Manasses to get help. The town is quiet and seems almost uninhabited. There are
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Finally, when we got to the last house we found a generous family willing to help. I said "We are two soldiers in the Battle of Bull Run in need of medical attention". The nice women replied "Of course I can help where are you hurt". I replied telling her of our injuries I said "I have a gunshot wound in my leg and my friend, John needs a couple stitches". She replied "I will go get some things to help and I'll be right back. Come on in". I had to sit still while the nice family was helping remove the bullet. The pain was brutal I could barely stand it. I was forced to sit still so all the terrible memories and thought from a couple of hours ago came rushing in. After, my bullet was removed my friend got a couple stitches for a deep cut and some bandaids. As soon as we were finshed getting stitched up and helped. The family offered to give us dinner. The dinner was very quiet. I began to wonder why the family was the only family in town that had not gone to watch the Battle of Bull Run. Finally, the fellow soldier, John started conversation. Next thing I knew we were talking about the tragic events that had occurred earlier that day. I began to explain what exactly happened,
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