Personal Narrative: Bayside

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It was a hot and sunny day when I walked into the gym. When I saw about twenty players warming up for practice tonight. Then coach officially announce our position. My mind was questioning when I heard i was going to be a point guard this year. So I asked him after practice, he said: “I put you where you need to be and it will be really powerful against other teams this year.” I was overjoyed when he said that, but I still need to focus on the game. After practice, he passed out our schedules, our first game is against Bayside. So I was really going to focus on the game, and I’m shine against Bayside.

When we arrived at Bayside, as we get off, the coach wants me to take all the playbooks to the gym. So I took a handful of things when something catches my eyes, I took look at the playbook with over
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“How am I supposed to know all this plays in my brain?” But I shouldn’t be worrying about anything right now, so I stuck my mind into the game that we were about to play.
Before we were about to play, the B-team took the court and started before us. At the end of the fourth quarter, they ended with22-21. As we were warming up our hands, I saw a bunch of players at the other end which is taller than me. But thinking about all this stuff will decrease my confidence for the game. So I really don’t care how tall they are or how well they are. I just want to focus on myself and how we will kick their butt really hard and bring a W home with us. The buzzer went off and the game is about to
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