Personal Narrative: Beastly

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“Wake up” Mom yelled, all the way from downstairs I could hear her. I checked on the time and it was already 6:00 am when we were supposed to leave. I jumped out of bed, ran to my closet and started getting ready for our road trip to Chicago. When I got down stairs, everyone was running around the house, trying to get ready. Mom was getting her makeup on, Dad was taking a shower, Alyssa was getting dressed and Garrett and I were the only ones ready. Until everyone was ready we rushed out the door slamming our bags in the back of the car and drove away into the sunrise. As we were on the road, it was silent. But Alyssa brought her Tablet so we could watch movies, We were observing the movie, Beastly. The movie was great, that kept us busy for at least two hours. But we still had at least two more…show more content…
Then we rushed back to the car, not even checking out the hotel room. Now we had to get the Shedd Aquarium but it was close by. It was at least 11:00 am and I was still tired. But it 's worth it for looking at sea animals, I 've never really seen. We finally get to the Shedd Aquarium, just in time. Everyone got their wristbands, but first we got to see a part of Happy Feet in 3D. After it was over we walked through the aquarium gazing at the penguins, turtles, dolphins, seals etc. Later on we walked into the starfish sanctuary, a worker let me touch a freezing starfish, I was shivering after just a few seconds. After that we headed toward the dolphin show, the dolphins were trained so well, it was exotic. After the dolphin show was over, we were over with this trip to the Shedd Aquarium. We managed to get out of there, it was really busy. The family decided to go back to hotel and get some rest, since we were all exhausted. We took the car and drove to the hotel, All of us climbed into the elevator and waited until we got on our floor. I ran to the king size bed and belly flopped onto the bed. I closed my eyes and fell
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