Personal Narrative: Becoming A Forensic Scientist

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How would you describe yourself? To me, that’s difficult question. I, as my own individual, have quite the outgoing personality but I am also really shy in front of people I’m not comfortable with. My hobbies include singing, writing, drawing, longboarding, photography. I believe myself to be a very hard working person, yet on the other hand, I procrastinate a lot of things . I want to work hard in school so I can accomplish my goal, becoming a forensic scientist. Well, that’s a little bit about me and who I am. For the Six Question worksheet our parent or parents had to fill out, both my mother and step-father completed it. My mother’s answer for what my greatest strengths were, was that I was creative and that I have a good sense of right and wrong. Considering my hobbies, I agree with her. I understand what’s acceptable for certain things and what to do. Her answer for the question asking what she hopes for me this year, she replied with she hopes I have a positive and rewarding year. She knows my goals for my future and she knows that I’ll work hard to pursue my dream. The concern she has for me is…show more content…
He hopes that I figure out some ideas as to what I want my career path to be. As of right now, I definitely know what I strive to become. His worry for me this year is that I’ll bite off more than I can chew. I moved in seventh grade to Alpena and the curriculum for that school was higher than the Junior High’s, so I was basically set back a year. My sister on the other hand was going into tenth grade and was ahead in her classes; to me, that wasn’t fair. I feel way less intelligent than all my old friends and I just want to try to get back to their level by taking advanced classes and working diligently. Knowing what my parents have said about me and how they think I’d do this year is more encouraging than I
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