Personal Narrative: Becoming A Pediatric Nurse

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The forty-two day stay. “ Please Mom make it stop…” “ There there dear, It’ll be okay…” “ How do you know mom, it hurts so bad…” “ Trust me, you’ll be okay, I’m right here.” Two weeks into my senior year I severely ruptured my appendix, in the process of all that pain I figured out my passion for the rest of my life. It sounds like a cliche,“ I was hurt and I had an epiphany “ but what I went through was an actual life altering experience, its changed the way I used to view myself, most doctors and my future. I always knew I wanted to be a part of the medical field as my mother is currently, I just couldn’t commit to anything, after all there’s so many fields, but after my substantial amount of time in the hospital, I realized that I was meant to be a pediatric surgeon. I was meant to save children just like me. One week before I was admitted to the hospital I was living normal like any 17 year old it was my senior year and I was over the moon for what was ahead, the parties, the sporting events the dances, everything. I had no…show more content…
I was at home with my mother who is an extraordinary nurse and she gave me the care I needed she stayed with me everyday and every night from four A.M. throw ups to me crying out in pain she was my rock and I can honestly say that if it wasn 't for her I wouldn 't have made it. Aside from the at home support even though last year was the big senior year coming back to school was easy I wasn’t paying tuition or dorm rooms I came back and made up the necessary work to graduate without it being stressful, I believe if it was now or in a year or two it would have been really hard to come back from a month and a half hospital stay. It was a tough event but the time of it all really was
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