Personal Narrative: Becoming A Proffesional Soccer Player

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Failure Failure has always been a part of my life. As a child, I fell short of minor goals such as riding a bicycle, doing a pull-up, or beating a difficult level on Super Mario Bros. Although these set backs were small, I constantly kepy trying untill I could accomplish the task at hand. In fact, I would say one of my most euphoric moments in my child hood was when I learned how to ride a bike. As I got older, failure got tougher. Accomplishments began to be larger and more important to me. This only made failure that much more painful. My whole life, I loved playing soccer. At some point, all I dreamed about was becoming a proffesional soccer player. I come from a middle class family, who has seen their fair share of struggles. My mother had me when she was around the age of 21, and for the next five or so years of my life, my father worked several jobs, coming home very late some nights to provide for us. Because of my family’s…show more content…
In the 9th grade, my grades dropped significantly. Practices with the academy was 45 minutes away. I had to carpool with other team mates, leaving school 30 minutes after it was done, and not coming home until aroun 9:00pm. This schedule repeated itself Monday through Thursday. Since being diagnoised with Osgood-Schlatters, I began to be extremely passionate about pursuing a career as an orthopedic surgeon. After the season ended, I did not return to the Railhawks Academy. I instead played for my schools varsity team and have been ever since. Although my grades took a massive hit, I am determined to raise my grades. I am entering my senior year more determined then ever to get all “A’s”. While most of my colleagues chose an “easy class schedule, I will be taking AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Psychology in order to be ahead in college. I no longer see failure as a set back. In fact, I love to fail. I love it, because without failure, how can I
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