Personal Narrative: Becoming An American Woman

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Since the ripe age of twelve years old, I have been attending one of the best kept secrets of the Shenandoah Valley; Camp Strawderman. The ideals Strawderman implements are to make girls so happy they will share their happiness with others, to create friendships that shall last through life, and to bring out the hidden possibilities that lie within each girl. Helping girls to find themselves is a big aspect of both my time as a camper and as a counselor in training, called “T.A.”. I grew a deep love for helping other girls who had stumbled upon Strawderman to gain as much as they could out of their stay. As an older girl, all you can hope for is that you have made someone else’s stay just as wonderful as yours your first year at camp. Teaching girls riding, swimming, and arts and crafts were just…show more content…
I always sought out to be the best example of an empowered woman, especially in this time in our country where the American woman is still not held in the same respect as the American man. I firmly believe in girl power and supporting your fellow women, it is one of the most important duties in my life when I see sexism still being a part of today’s society to try and defend the gender equality movement to the extent of my ability.
Strawderman showed me to support other women, bringing out the best in a friend is one of the best feelings of accomplishment in life. At Sweet Briar, the time i’ve spent on campus has given me major flashbacks and visions of my Strawderman life. The rural Virginia campus, tender horses, and amazing faculty and students all make me feel so welcome into this incredibly nurturing environment I have not seen at any other college. I noticed so much confidence and ambition in the students I spoke to my first visit, from then on I knew Sweet Briar was a place where I wanted to
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