Personal Narrative: Becoming The Oldest Man To Win A Kentucky Derby

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My birthday is my favorite day of the whole year, which is on May 3rd. This is the time of year where I can celebrate with my whole family and have a great time. Every year my family goes out to see a movie that is out in theaters. Usually my birthday is around the time when the Marvel movies come out. The best thing about birthdays is being with my family, opening presents, and getting an ice cream cake! When I found that our class was researching about our birthdays I thought it would be a cool thing to see what else happened on my birthday. Many interesting events happened on my birthday including the Battle of Coral Sea began, Airborne Brigades were sent off, and Shoemaker became the oldest Derby winner. My birthday has many important events…show more content…
The great record was broken by Bill Shoemaker now named the “oldest jockey” to win the Kentucky Derby (Shoemaker becames oldest). It all started back when Bill turned 17 and began professional riding. Just a month later a race was won by Bill with many more to follow. Breaking another record with the most wins in a year with 485 wins (Shoemaker becomes oldest).Along with all the races he has won bill has won four Kentucky Derbys, two Preakness Stakes, and five Belmont Stakes. Bill Shoemaker has overcome many obstacles in his career, including breaking his leg and being in a serve car accident. Although he went through those rough times Shoemaker never gave up on racing. Bill actually came back from these accidents and broke another record for wins in 1970. Shoemaker benefited around 123 million dollars over his 40 year career(Shoemaker becomes oldest). Shortly after retiring and becoming the oldest man to win a Kentucky Derby Bill Shoemaker passed away. Knowing I have such important events on my birthday that I didn’t know before is a really cool feeling. Researching about the topic of what happened on my birthday was a fun experience. I learned many new things and events that I didn’t know I shared on my birthday including The Battle of Coral Sea began, Airborne Brigades were sent off, and Shoemaker became the oldest Derby winner. These are some very significant events that happened on my
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