Personal Narrative: Bed Bath And Beyond

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Sitting in the red-cushioned seats in front of a plasma TV the size of two elephants, popcorn in hand, I never expected to have one of the worst days of my life.
As a child, I was often well behaved. I said my please and thank-you’s, I was kind to my little sister, Brianna, and I was attentive in school. I enjoyed following the rules and I always tried to stay out of trouble—until I visited Bed Bath & Beyond on my seventh birthday. A family tradition between Brianna, my mom, and myself was to visit the movie theaters whenever a new family film was released. We would buy tickets to see each Disney, DreamWorks, or kid-friendly movie on the big screen. My mom is extremely organized and prefers to arrive to events earlier than most would consider
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Arriving early as usual, my mom took us to Bed Bath & Beyond before the start of the film. Brianna and I were fascinated with all the little knick-knacks and kitchen ware. The glimmering copper and silver pans, shiny glass sculptures, and bright “As Seen on TV” logos immediately drew us to them. As our mom would look around the store we would follow close behind hopping in. It was something we had done a million times. That day, my mom began to wander off into the dining ware section, and my sister and I immediately found the kids’ cups. We were drawn to them do to the toy that was attached in the inside of the cup to the bottom of it. We began to look in each cup at the different figurines and stumbled upon a cup with a figurine that had fallen off. I lifted the figurine out of the cup ad my sister and I took it. Instead of stopping there, I came up with a plan to start breaking off more figurines. I successfully broke off two more, and my sister and I slipped them into our jacket pockets. My mom met us in the aisle and we walked out of the store, no alarms or buzzers going off at all. After the movie, we headed home and when we arrived, Brianna and I rushed upstairs. We began to admire the figurines in my sister’s room when my mom walked in and saw

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