Personal Narrative: Before I Was Born

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Before I Was Born
Everyone in my close family on my mom’s side has lived and or was born in Murdo, SD except me. I was baby sat by Gloria Sund and I still go and see her but Logan told Gloria to baby sit me when I was born. My family has very weird relations.
My mom and dad meet in Rapid, SD and before I was born my mom was married to someone else and had a son named Logan baker, they got divorced and I really never met Logan’s dad. He lived in Murdo and was born there also. Jimmy Sharkey was my other brother and my dad had a baby with someone else but and not my mom. Logan was baby sat by Gloria Sund. I remember a story that Gloria told me that when she was babysitting Logan that he said for Gloria to baby sit me when I was born.
My mother was born into a family of 6, 2 parents of Evie and Laurence Roghair and 3 other sisters. She and her sisters were born on the same day in Murdo, SD and there was two sets of twins. There was two sets of twins, Carmon and Candice were twins and Brenda and Angie were twins. Carmon, my mom, lives in Winner and Candice used to lives in Montana. Angie has always lived outside of Murdo and Brenda has lived in Lincoln, Nebraska.
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I am not sure what happened to his dad but when he got out of the army, he put his mom in the nursing home here in Winner. While Roney was in the army he got hit by a truck and was paralyzed. Roney when to a nursing home in Rapid and died there about 4 years ago. A week after he died his mom died in the hospital.
There’s so much chaos in my ancestry. My family nice and I still want to know more about my
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