Personal Narrative: Before I Was, There Were

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Chapter Two:
Before I Was, There Were Family is a very large part of my life. As I asked questions for this chapter, I learned quite a lot of information that I had never heard of before. There are so many people in my family that have impacted me and I barely know things about them. Both of my parents are adopted and I 've always known this. I know nothing about my blood related family and that 's okay because I couldn 't ask for a better one. My dad 's mom, Diane or as I call Mimi, was born in 1934 and grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri. Her family was pretty wealthy and her dad owned an auto-part store. She went to school at Culver-Stockton College, where she was the Homecoming Queen along side the Homecoming King, Wilt Tramberlin. Before
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Judie, or as I call her Oklahoma Granny is my mom 's mom. She grew up in Dallas and got married to my Papa Mackey in high school. She never went to college. They adopted two kids during their marriage, my mom (the oldest) and Corey. They were married for eighteen years and got divorced in 1980, my mom was in the fourth grade. In 1982, on Valentine 's Day she married my Papa Mackey. At the end of that school year they moved to Norman Oklahoma. When my mom was a senior in high school it turned out my Granny had colon cancer and had a fifty-fifty shot at living. She went through chemo and thankfully she pulled through and is still here. Mackey or Papa Mackey, grew up in the small town of Elmo, Texas, it was a redneck town. He went to Trinity Valley college in Athens, Texas, and has his doctorate. My Granny and Papa Mackey had two kids together. My Uncle John was born when my mom was in 6th grade, and my Aunt Ashley was born when my mom was in 7th grade. My mom 's siblings are a big part of my life too. I don 't know my Uncle Corey very well. He has two kids: Kaeley and Sarah. My Uncle John was one of my favorite people growing up. He is married to my Aunt Holly now and they have one kid, Mackenzie. My Aunt Ashley is still one of my favorite people. She is married to my Uncle Adam ( he is pretty cool too.) They have two kids: Elle grey…show more content…
She moved to Norman with her mom when her parents divorced. Her brother John and her sister Ashley were born while she was in middle school and they became her life. She was enrolled in gymnastics classes from 6th grade to 10th grade. In her junior and senior years of high school, she was her high school 's mascot, the tiger. She went to college at the university of Oklahoma and got a degree in English education. During college, she was a young life leader at Norman Junior high and after college she went on

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