Personal Narrative: Being A Victim Of Theft

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“You never know until it happens to you”. This is something my grandmother always told me growing up as a kid. Being a victim of theft is a very difficult thing to handle. Theft could possibly result in losing your wallet, car keys, cell phone, clothing, skateboard, or many many other possible items. Theft could result in unpaid bills, no identification, a longer period of time to get around campus, or even credit problems. Theft is often undermined throughout smaller college campuses. Yet the threat still exist; everywhere. This can be damaging to those who are victims. I have been a victim of theft more than once in my life, and I can say I feel empathetic for others who have also fallen victim. One never really understands why someone…show more content…
Personally I have had multiple things stolen from me such as well; bikes, wallets, phones, controllers, longboards, and other personal things. One time at a Western Michigan football game where my phone and wallet were stolen. In the middle of tailgating I placed my phone and wallet in the side pocket of my chair, right next to all my friends. I’ll never forget extraneously searching everywhere in Western Michigan University’s stadium lot for my property, feeling as if I were a chicken with my head cut off. The emptiness I felt inside at that moment still upsets me because of all the trouble I had to go through during this entire process of losing everything and then recovering or replacing it again was extremely overbearing. My phone and wallet were everything to me, all I could say in my head at that moment was “Brand New Galaxy 6, $300, social security, licence, credit/debit cards…”. At that moment, I truly understood what it felt like to be lost, and I had to figure out how I was going to get home without the help of anyone. At that moment I realized what it felt like to have nothing; no car, no money, no phone, no identification, and no way back to school to begin my
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