Personal Narrative: Being Alone In Middle School

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My first years of actually being alone in school were in middle school. You see the school I went to wasn't the best but it was better than some of my other options. The beginning of middle school wasn't that hard, but after 6th grade it all went downhill. When I first started middle school I was a straight A student. My 6th grade year was also one of my most traumatic years leading up to high school. This was the year my grandparents whom I basically lived with moved out of state. My mom was working constantly because she had just gotten her first medical job and my step-dad was in prison. I was 11 maybe 12 and I had to grow up pretty fast in my neighborhood. For the first time I would get out of a new school without having my grandma there…show more content…
My step dad taught me how to hustle money so on the days I could I would hustle up a few bucks and take the city bus home. By my 7th grade year I had made friends with a few T-flats. I had no clue that my friends were gang members I never put the dots together. Elizabeth was my best friend from 7th-8th grade and her brother was a drug dealer. He didn't like to get mixed up with too bad of things so he kept his stock pretty simple; weed, coke, and a few other things I never touched. He used his sister and I as he mules for selling at school. We would bring it and one would get the money walk away and another would walk up and give them whatever they wanted. I got paid good for that but little did I know it was their recruitment process. This happened all of 7th grade and for a while during the summer. Her brother eventually got caught up in some stuff and locked up, and that’s when I stopped.Elizabeth and I were forgotten by the members of T-flats. My 8th grade year was when I started skipping school and giving up truly. I could care less about school so I skipped and went to the beach or went to a friends house to get trashed. My mom eventually pulled me out so we could move
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