Personal Narrative: Being Gay And Be In Love

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Just Imagine Imagine if love was illegal, if you weren't allowed to get married or show any kind of public affection to who you fall in love with. Imagine even being killed for loving who you love. Imagine being denied service at a restaurant for you and who you love. This is what it is like to be gay and be in love. *The alarm sounds*
“Ugggg” I flip over and turn of my alarm. I rub my eyes and unplug my phone from the charger. I open up my daily news app and the head story line reads “Bullied straight teenage boy commits suicide.” I reluctantly click on the article and begin to read all the horrible things that this boy had to go through, he was only 14 and had no friends to turn to. I start to think about how his family must feel and how the people who brought him to this point feel. Then I think about how lucky I am to
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Today we will be starting with some ice breakers. I know you probably know one another but I don't know you.” said Mr. S. He hands out a blank note card to everyone and tells us to write down our name and one thing we did over the summer. Their are quite whispers of what people are going to write about.We start at the front of the class; most kids talking about where they went on vacation. It comes around to me and I stand up “My name is Sadie and I went to the pride festival in Iowa City this summer”. Everyone around the room looks at each other and then starts to laugh. “That’s enough.” said Mr. S “It sounds like a fun time Sadie”. The way he looked at me told me that he didn't know what to do. I quickly sat down and the next person begin to read their card. “I’m Hunter and I also went to pride this summer.” The boy sat down with a smile. Once again the room began to giggle and whisper. I looked over at him and he was smiling at me; I wasn't sure if he was making fun of me or serious. “I really like seeing all the people who are just like me.” he whispered at me. “I did too.” I looked back at my desk and
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