Personal Narrative: Being Pregnant

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When a person plans to have a child, they usually plan to be graduated from high school and college, married, and have everything ready in their lives before they try to expand their family. Those were my thoughts, anyway. Events unfolded in a way I could have never expected, and I ended up having a baby. It was my junior year, and school was going on as per usual. October comes, and I hear rumors about me being pregnant. It was not possible, was it? Ever since the May before, I had felt tht something was off about me. I had dissmissed it as just side effects of the birth control I had been taking. When there rumors were circulating around the entire school, I had again started to think about the possibility of me being pregnant. My mother and I went to the doctor to get…show more content…
I was in shock, denial, and most of all, fear. Fear could not even begin to decribe how I felt. I was sixteen years old and halfway through my junior year of high school. What am I supposed to do? I felt extremely excluded and ostracized by everyone. It was November when I found out, and I had my first sonogram on New Year’s Eve. That is when I found out that I only had two weeks until this baby was born. Extraordinarily, I was prepared for him by the time he came. This whole life-changing experience had opened my eyes because it showed me how to step up and take responsibility in such a short amount of time. I went from being sixteen and carefree to being a mother in a matter of weeks. Having a child had also shown me how the real world is like. Sometimes, this all feels like a dream and I feel as though I would just wake up and it would be over. But this is real life. My son, Weston, is my entire world now. He has changed absolutely everything and even though it is excruciatingly difficult at times, I would not give any of it up to have a life of a normal teenager. Going to college is just the next step in the process of making a better life for myself and my

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