Personal Narrative: Bendy Straw

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It was during the calm after the storm when I found her. She scurried down my street, barely noticeable in the dark. I scooped the scrawny dog up into my arms and noticed her bony spine, which later became her namesake. I called her Bendy Straw. Little did I know, my newly found pup was pregnant. Three months later, she had two puppies, Cookie and Nesquik, who became my best friends. I still remember watching them grow up. I was the first person Nesquik ever saw and I 'd like to believe it was love at first sight. Until the day Bendy Straw had puppies, we believed she was only gaining weight because we fed her well. My parents tried to convince me that giving Cookie and Nesquik new homes was for the best, but ultimately, the decision was mine
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