Personal Narrative-Bensalem High School

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I step out of my Dad’s blue shiny Honda van as he says “good luck on your first day”. I force up a weak smile as I close the door and it made a whoosh noise as it closes. I look at the entrance for a good five minutes. I take a deep breath and slowly as a turtle, a zombie and snails. I thought to myself, a zombie and a snails. I thought to myself “why is this school huge.” As I enter the school, I slowly walk looking at all the other kids, most are in groups and everyone is talking and laughing and smiling when i’m walking alone, not talking to anyone and forcing a fake smile on my face. I feel very small, like I was an ant roaming around in the wild. “ I should of stay at my old school”, I whisper to Bensalem High School. As I walk forward
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