Personal Narrative: Berea Teen Mentoring

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In high school, I became involved with Berea Teen Mentoring (BTM), a group of college 'mentors ' who created a safe place for the local teens to gather to socialize and learn about current events. This group took my social anxiety very seriously and made me much more comfortable talking to people and speaking my ideas. I was no longer the shy and quiet person of my childhood. This group left an incredible impression on me, and I created many memories of community service projects and friends that I will always remember fondly. Through BTM, I gained ambition for my opinions, I got over most of my social anxiety, and found courage to stand out and make myself recognized. Being homosexual, I often felt excluded. During my high school art class, in the process of tearing bits from magazines to create a collage, I noticed an article on "The Trevor Project" that had an excerpt for creating a "Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)" at the reader 's school. I kept this article for myself, and brought it to the attention of my small group of friends. We were quickly determined to erect a group for the sexual minority to seek hospitality at Madison Southern High School. After talking to Mr. Quinlan (Madison Southern’s Youth Service Center Director), he seemed thrilled at the idea, and - with approval from the principal…show more content…
I had originally had the mindset of a career in education. Due to personal conflicts with my family and the economy, I had to change my mindset to something more economically stable. My parents insisted that I become a doctor; however, I strongly disliked the idea of white coats and surgery. I then began narrowing my skills down to counseling and communication. With some personal research, I found that my interests have drifted from education to the human mind. I wanted to know about depression and other mental disorders. I am now looking into Psychology as a major and a possible career
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