Personal Narrative: Best Macaroni And Cheese Recipe Ever

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My finger snapped against the black mouse as it made small ‘click’ noise. I scrolled down and found another thrilling recipe of super moist banana bread. I had always enjoyed browsing the Internet ever since I was young, but somehow browsing recipes were my favorite. My fingers tap danced across the keyboard as I wrote “Macaroni and cheese recipe” in the search bar. I clicked the first link that appeared on the screen. In bold letters the title read “Best Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Ever”. It certainly looked the best! A delightful tray of ooey gooey macaroni and cheese lay on an ocean blue quilt. The tray was a hard, glass type and looked gorgeous enough to be on TV. But the macaroni was the one that made me hungry. It was cheesy, super cheesy, and looked like a tray of elbows tossed with lots of orange sauce. I just had to make that recipe, I really had to. So I did. During this time I was only ten and really didn’t know much about cooking. The only recipe I was probably good at making was frozen waffles and toast. I always failed with boxed pancake mix, so it made no sense to make a complex recipe of macaroni and cheese made from…show more content…
“Did Mom fix the macaroni?” He stands on his tip toes to get a better look. “It’s not exactly macaroni and cheese,” answers Mom. “But it’s just as good.” Adam smiles and licks his lips like a dog. He sits on the table with a shiney fork in his right hand. Me and Mom start serving the pasta, pouring a little on each white plate. Instead of smelling like burnt flour it starts to smell like a warm, buttery soup cooking. Thankfully Mom’s recipe tasted (and looked) much better than mine and we were able to eat lunch in peace. Later at dinner Mom shares the news to Dad about my macaroni mess. I could honestly care less, I was just glad it was over with. I’m now twelve and still remember this incident. And since then I have never tried making macaroni and cheese from scratch
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