Personal Narrative: Big Ant Testimony

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Big Ant Testimony
I spent two years in foster care in Indian and after wards when I returned home my family didn’t really tell me what to do, I got to do what I wanted. Growing up no one taught me how to be a man, I had to kind of learn it on my own. I didn’t really know or learn how to treat a woman. If I needed something my family found a way to get it. When we moved to Springfield it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My sophomore year I met a group of guys that ran the streets and shortly after I met Coach (Robert). All this man talked about was Christ, why I ate so much, and why I was so big? He always wanted to see us do good. Coach saw me as family, If I needed him he was there, Coach is a brother and never gave up on me. As time
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