Personal Narrative: Big Ten Football

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I can not remember a year where I was as excited for the Vikings season and then this goes and happens. Twenty minutes into practice on Tuesday Teddy Bridgewater took a snap from under center and as he was dropping back to pass he screamed in agony and went down. He suffered some sort of non contact knee injury. Everybody in the building could tell how serious the injury was by the reaction of the players, some cursed, some threw helmets, and some even prayed. The Vikings were thought to be a team that was a darkhorse to make a deep run in the playoffs with the improvement of Teddy and the great defense Mike Zimmer has put together. It seems to be another instance when the Vikings fans get their heart torn out. Whether it is making it to the…show more content…
This name might sound familiar if you watch Big Ten football at all, Joel Stave spent the past four years in Madison, Wisconsin playing football for the Badgers. If being his first year, Stave’s game leaves alot to be desired. Throwing him into the fire like this could only result in disaster. So if neither of the two quarterbacks on the roster is an attractive pick for the starting job in Minnesota, is there any QB available that isn’t on their roster? There have already been rumblings about Mark Sanchez or Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick recently protested in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement during the national anthem by refusing to stand. Many people were upset by this, not the protest, but the time and place of the protest being during our national anthem. In light of this whole issue Kaepernick is now without a team. If the Vikings were to sign Kaepernick it would make for awkward huddle with former teammate in San Fransisco Alex Boone. Boone, now a member of the Vikings, was very outspoken about Kaepernick’s decision to refuse to stand during the national anthem, saying that he probably would have had a problem with him on the sideline. Due to this hostility and all the bad publicity around his name right now, I don’t think Speilman will go in that
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