Personal Narrative: Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers I could remember it as if I were to relive my life again. It’s just too bad that I couldn’t change anything that happened. Tree Top Piru Street was where I resided back when I was a high school teenager. The sun burnt my skin as I could see the skin peel as if I were a banana. The scent of carbon roams throughout the atmosphere as local vehicles of the neighborhood zoom past by to beat the rush hour. I was only 18 by the time, and so was my best friend Melvin. It was back in the year of 1991 when I last saw him. It was a tragic day for me and, especially, his family. We’ve been there through thick and thin, but I went on a fucked up everything. After the Rodney King issue with the police, the people of Los Angeles began to wreak havoc upon the streets. The buildings surrounded by flames felt like I was cooking sweet, juicy bacon over the stove; but the only things that were burning was our sense of humanity. Back in August of ‘91, Melvin and I began to feel famished. Our stomachs were rumbling so much that it seemed like they were talking to each other.…show more content…
OG Steamy told me a lot about his life outside the bars and he explained to me why people call him “OG Steamy”. From what he told me, he said that they called him steamy due to the amount of niggas he smoked out with his gat. OG Steamy even told me that he killed a policeman once and was never charged for it. I was influenced by him to join the Bloods. I asked if I could join, but he told me that I had to get canonized. I was confused by what he meant, but I later learned that it was an initiation. Good thing my pops taught me how to fight as a teen so I had to knock out five gang members in order to get in. I knocked them out front, back, and side-to-side. I could hear their groans as they were trying to fight off the pain, so my fighting must’ve been good. The Bloods then accepted me as one of their own and I got my

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