Personal Narrative-Blood

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Blood. Blood everywhere. My hand was completely covered. I was feeling short of breath. Most people I knew had had plenty of injuries by the time they were eight years old, but I liked to play it safe...most of the time. I didn’t even see the gravel at the end of the crosswalk. I was gliding through the streets, not a care in the world. This was one of the few times I actually was out of my comfort zone without having a feeling that I was going to faint, cry, or throw up. As I rode closer, I glanced to see if there was any chance of being in a terrible car accident, but the street was clear. I continued pedaling, and pedaling, and-- In the blink of an eye, the road became rough. I wasn’t prepared for it and my balance was lost. I felt my…show more content…
It felt like the small rocks were inside of me, gliding through my veins, destroying my nerves; but, I could still feel the ghosts of the fall. I knew I had to clean my hand up before things took a turn for the worse.
Knowing that waiting would lead to worse consequences, I stumbled a quarter mile to our family friend’s house. Just by looking at their faces, I could tell that they knew they needed to act fast. Mrs. Craig, the friend’s mother, took me inside and gently dabbed a wet paper towel on my wound. The blood nearly ran right through it. Yet, as I watched the gravel slip away, exposing my hand, I felt a sense of relief. It was like after a thunderstorm, when the birds chirp once again and the sun comes out from behind the gray clouds and immediately lifts your spirits. But even though I felt much better emotionally, I didn’t look too much better. I carefully placed a few bandages on my hand. The cuts were hidden from me, and now that they were, I wasn’t upset when I looked at them anymore. All the pain had seemingly washed away for the moment with something as simple as soap and water. I definitely learned my lesson that day. Not only do I look both ways before crossing the street, I now make sure there isn’t anything on the sidewalk, because that can be just as
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