Personal Narrative: Blood Sugar

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It was 2 in the morning when I noticed my bedroom light was still on. I sat up and wondered to myself why it was on. I looked over across the room where my grandmother’s bed was. I noticed she was sound asleep. I remember calling her name asking if she could turn off the light since it was on her side. She woke up from her sleep and had a hard time getting up to reach the light. “Grandma, are you okay?” She answered back in a faint mumbled voice, “I’m okay.” I couldn’t understand what she said and I started to worry. I got up from my bed and walked over to her bed. I grabbed her shoulder to see if she was okay. From just touching her shoulder I noticed her nightgown was drenched from head to toe.
I woke her up and shrieked “Grandma you’re …show more content…

The meter was loading as it was processing what her blood sugar number was. The meter made a beeping noise to alert us that it finished. My aunt and I both had a shocked look when we see that the meter shows up as 27. When you’re a diabetic a healthy blood sugar is between 80-100 she was way under 80. Your body can get really sick if it reaches to be under 80 or higher than 100. I rushed to the kitchen looking for a sugary food that could be given to my grandma in order to get her sugar to go up. After looking through every cabinet I finally found a pack of lifesavers. I gave my grandma four lifesaver candies. Within 30 minutes of giving her candy her sugar was slowly going up …show more content…

We got her dressed and took her to the E.R during the process of taking her to the E.R she was zoning out asking the same questions over and over again within 3 minutes. “Where are we going again?” she would ask over and over in the car ride. I got out of the car and helped her out of the car and walked in the lobby of the E.R and signed her in. I explained to the nurses what had happened and within 2 minutes they rushed her in after taking her vitals.
The doctor came in the room and asked me to explain everything that went on and what we noticed. I explained everything to the doctor and nurses. I was told that it was a miracle of me to notice her health because if I were to wait longer she would have already been in a diabetic coma. Her body was trying to recover while she was sleeping, which is why she was sweating all over. The doctor’s took her to take some tests to see if the incident caused any damage to her brain or heart. When she came back the results were good, it wasn’t so bad that it damaged her body in

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