Personal Narrative: Blue Water Collide

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When you 're a kid you would never think of almost dying at sesame place, but that 's exactly what happened to me. As my family and I entered the park, my eyes grew with amazement as I looked around me. There were zooming roller coasters, families laughing, toddlers running around with a sugar high from all the cotton candy they ate, and especially the terrifying, enormous, gray and blue water slide, I looked at the slide with fear and excitement in my eyes. I knew right then and there that I was going to go on that slide no matter the consequences. “Mom, Moooooommmm!”, I yelled as I was pulling on the back of her shirt to get her attention. “WHAT ISABELLA!”, she screamed with annoyment in her voice, as if I was doing something wrong.…show more content…
We have to!”, as I pointed to the gigantic blue and grey water slide, my mother 's face scrunched up with disgust. For she doesn 't like roller coaster, nor huge water slides, exactly like the one that is right in front of us. She turned back around and told my brothers and me to put some pep in our step so we can get to the rides, as if she didn 't hear a word I just said. As my family moved along, I trudged behind because I knew we weren 't going to the enormous water slide. After we went through the park and rode the other little water rides, roller coasters, and of course the lazy river, we decided to call it a day and head home, but since we were on the other half of the park, to walk back we had to pass the huge, terrifying, grey and blue water
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