Personal Narrative: Bone Anchored Hearing Aid

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When I was born I had a very serious disease in my ear, cholesteatoma. This disease eats away at body tissue. This is why the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor that I saw regularly to keep an eye on things had no choice and was forced to cut out the inside of my ear canal as well as my ear drum when I was two years old. This surgery created a severe hearing loss for me. I had a really hard time hearing, which caused me to withdraw and keep to myself. I did not go out much and I did not hang out with other kids until two years ago because I had a hard time hearing what was being said. Two years ago this all changed when I received a B.A.H.A. (Bone Anchored Hearing Aide). The B.A.H.A. is a hearing aid that is attached to the skull by a screw that is surgically installed. The B.A.H.A. gets its signal directly from nerves in the ear canal. After I received my B.A.H.A. many things changed in my life. This technology helps me hear better than I ever have. I started talking to people, and began taking piano and singing lessons. I became involved in my high school’s theatre program and many other activities. Recently I have learned another skill, becoming a professional magician. If any art would be considered a social skill, magic would be it. The opportunity of learning magic has had a large part in making me who I am today. But the disease that I was born with, cholesteatoma has contributed to my life journey and as well as learning magic, cholesteatoma has also had a huge impact on who

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