Personal Narrative: Borderline Personality Disorder

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My girlfriend is bipolar The title says it all. My girlfriend is bipolar. She also suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. If she knew I was writing this, She’d kill me, both literally and figuratively. The only reason I’m writing this is because she’ll never know. Today, a lot of mental health disorders are get thrown around like no big deal. People wear these diagnoses like they are a badge of honor and use them as an excuse for any sort of bad behavior. To some, it’s cool and in style to diagnose yourself or tell a doctor what they want to hear so they get slapped with that label and can brag about it. Not everyone is like this, but a lot of people are. My girlfriend isn’t like that, though. She hides her issues from everyone. She’s ashamed and embarrassed by it. My girlfriend was diagnosed with both disorders about 15 or so years ago. This was long before it was popular to have…show more content…
Not too much, though. I’m always a phone call or a text message away for when she needs me. She’s been through a lot in her life and I’m going to make sure she doesn’t go through anything else alone. I’m not right there but she knows I will be when she needs it, even if she isn’t sure she wants it. I let her know I’m there, and that smile and those beautiful chocolate brown eyes will light up the darkest room. It’s another reason I love her. I wasn’t completely truthful when I started writing this. You see, right now my girlfriend is not my girlfriend. She broke up with me. Not because she didn’t love me anymore but because her life is a mess. She couldn’t cope with the emotions of her divorce, so she buried them deep inside. So she exploded and then imploded. She couldn’t be with me anymore because the emotions of being with someone new are keeping her from getting over something old. I watched it eat her up from the inside, leaving her a shell of her former self. So she had to end what we had to fix

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