Personal Narrative: Boredom

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pass experiences, and what the possible outcome could have been if I done it another way. I ask myself can you really be bored. Is boredom real? How do you bored ? Boredom is simply lacking interest in something, because you would much rather be doing something else. On my way back home this weekend I went on Snapchat to pass the time. I came across at least seven of my friends venting to the camera about how bored they were. I literally wanted to go through the phone and show them how to master boredom, because there is always something that needs to be done. That is why I found it extremely had to be bored for thirty minutes, because I just talked to for a few moments then I began to tap into emotions I have not in a while. I began to imagine myself in my grandmothers old car when I was five and how she would let us stay the night over her house on the weekdays and she would take us to White Castles at the crack of dawn to have breakfast. The smell of dewy air and old-but-fresh car permeated my nose. The seat and the back let down and brother and I where small enough to lounge on it. I could just feel the grey suede seat in hand.My heart was beyond tranquil. I had not felt that feeling in a long time.…show more content…
Eye contact is so powerful and plays a key role when it comes to interest . When you come across something you are attacked to you cannot keep you eyes off it. When you are in the store and you make eye contact with a stranger you acknowledge there presents then swiftly look away, because you are not connected to them. It is like the eyes and soul are
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